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    I have a Jawbone II and was in Marshalls and saw the Plantronics 330 for $10 and was like what the heck for that price lets try it out. I got a great deal on my Jawbone II for $70 new imo but compared to the $10 330 Plantronics I don't see a $60 difference. The noise cancellation on the Jawbone is better and I like the convenience of the charger but I am gonna pick up a USB connector so I can charge this 330 on my PC or in my truck. If I break or lose it oh well. The Plantronics will be used while I am out hunting, etc... If anyone is interested in a cheap decent Bluetooth the 330 I got today was not a bad deal at $10. The Marshalls here in Matthews, NC had 1 left and I snagged it up. They were also selling their SkullCandy Full Metal Jacket headphones for $24.99 and on SkullCandy's site they list them for $70. I have 2 sets of Shures but these SkullCandys are great for less than a 1/4 of the price of my Shures. Next time any of you are in a local Marshalls if you have them in your area take a look around. You may be able to find a steal.
    10-25-08 03:41 PM