1. ilovemileyyy's Avatar
    Uhm... I was sad cause Sprint wouldn't let me upgrade early to the Tour? I have no clue what my reasoning was, but for some reason, I entered a bid on eBay, not thinking I would win, and I did. Maybe using my Curve and the 8830 will help fill the void until April when I can upgrade! Lol, but yeah, I'm not sure why I bought it... Anyways, I guess 78 virtual-dollars (PayPal) spent on a new BB is better than 78 virtual-dollars sitting on the interwebs! Maybe I'll sell it if it proves itself useless.
    07-13-09 10:03 PM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    Its a good device.Not to bust on you but why didnt you just post it in your other thread http://forums.crackberry.com/f2/do-i...either-265601/ ?
    07-13-09 10:13 PM
  3. ilovemileyyy's Avatar
    Ahaha, you are totally right, I kinda forgot I posted that thread. But anyways, I think I might just switch between my Curve and 8830 sometimes, just for the h3ll of it.
    07-13-09 10:15 PM
  4. Californium89's Avatar
    i dont think it will =(
    07-13-09 10:59 PM