01-02-13 09:19 AM
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  1. chrysaurora's Avatar
    I'll buy keyboard version as soon as it's released. Here is my wishlist (even if they are not available on release, but RIM promises to release them in future software update, I'll be a happy camper):

    1. Must look and feel premium with great underlying hardware (check, I am happy with leaks of L series photos and specs)

    2. Must support top apps like Kindle, NetFlix, Skype, true VoIP(unsure. Although BBM Voice is encouraging, it's not same as Skype)

    3. Must provide fanatical support to indy developers trying to develop for BB 10 (check, RIM has been doing a lot to attract developers to BB 10)

    4. Must support regular-data in some form. For eg: I'd be happy if I am able to use browser and some 3rd party apps (like gmail app) on a normal data plan when I am on international roaming. Of course, when I am home, not on roaming, I will utilize full BIS data plan to enhance my BB experience. But without the BB-specific data plan, some features/apps should still work. (unsure, don't know what RIM's plan is on this).

    So, that's 2 checks and 2 unsures so far! Let's see what's announced on Jan 30! Waiting eagerly. As evidenced from my avatar :-)

    oh, and I'll up the ante: if BB10 ends up satisfying my wishlist (above), the FIRST thing I'll do is urge all my (non BlackBerry) friends to give BlackBerry a try!
    11-28-12 11:13 AM
  2. Lehomer's Avatar
    I'm down. Can't wait !
    12-04-12 10:24 PM
  3. BThunderW's Avatar
    Down for both QWERTY and Touch
    12-05-12 09:28 AM
  4. lynxs_claw's Avatar
    I'm all in the full touchscreen! + many others here at work
    12-05-12 10:29 AM
  5. mphillips828's Avatar
    Mark, Canada

    First 10 minutes!? EVERYTHING!! download new apps! explore app world, and all native applications!! find awesome features that may be hidden or unannounced! upload music and movies...sit there and play with Peak for the rest of the hour! just swiping up and over to see my hub! and crying because of the beauty I will be holding in my hand!!!
    12-05-12 10:36 AM
  6. Biggfoot's Avatar
    I'm all for the full touchscreen!!!! and i have 5 others wanting the full touchscreen and one for the qwerty kind of odd since most prefer keyboard.
    12-05-12 10:38 AM
  7. Dirkmyer's Avatar

    The first thing I will do is use my BBID to import my BBM contacts, then I will sync my Facebook twitter accounts and send out a massive update from The Hub, informing everyone how AWESOME BB10 is. This will be followed by a period of indescribable bliss!
    12-05-12 03:09 PM
  8. Baza's Avatar
    Only if they add Skype.....without it, I'm gone!
    12-13-12 10:51 AM
  9. raino's Avatar
    Only if they add Skype.....without it, I'm gone!
    Thank you for your contextually irrelevant post.
    Lehomer likes this.
    12-13-12 12:47 PM
  10. D_shak's Avatar
    I plan on camping out in front of my local AT&T store to get it and then posting on all social networks I belong to about it. Dan, Utah, USA
    CeeXTwo likes this.
    12-31-12 08:10 PM
  11. web99's Avatar
    Web, Canada. Show off my new device to my friends.
    12-31-12 08:57 PM
  12. Sudden_Berry's Avatar
    same here. att better not drag their feet on this one!
    12-31-12 09:08 PM
  13. freeyo's Avatar
    Mike, Canada, I will update and customize to my perfect phone. I Believe!
    12-31-12 09:25 PM
  14. cscott44's Avatar
    Charlene, California. I will be downloading checking features for the following 24 - 48 Hrs (only stopping to eat and sleep occasionaly.
    12-31-12 09:46 PM
  15. Jake Storm's Avatar
    I'll be buying three of them on release day.
    So, I'm sure I'll be spending the first day helping my wife and daughter get their phones set up.
    01-01-13 03:42 AM
  16. kemj's Avatar
    Kem; Puerto Rico-USA; and sincerely just stare at it, like @[email protected]

    Z10 here
    01-01-13 09:24 AM
  17. darkehawke's Avatar
    i will if they dont charge a stupid price for it.
    needs to be lower than the S3 and lower then what they charged for the 9900
    01-01-13 04:12 PM
  18. abass's Avatar
    Alex, NY, USA

    I will mess around with Peek, Flow, and Active Frames for a bit, then check out the browser, mess around with the new keyboard, and then organize all of my apps an games :P (oh yeah and mess around with the awesome lockscreen and Hub of course)!
    01-01-13 04:49 PM
  19. collinc93's Avatar
    Collin, Globe trotter)....post videos and pictures on my local carrier's FB page.....have to do my part for the PR
    01-02-13 12:40 AM
  20. Alex_Hong's Avatar
    Alex, Singapore.

    Will be in queue for a Z10 once it's available on my carrier. As I walk out the carrier store with a Z10 in one hand...

    When i get home, i will set up the phone with my BBID, emails, facebook, twitter, and then start the spam on my social networks about how awesome it is for the following weeks to come.
    01-02-13 07:19 AM
  21. advcomputer's Avatar
    Jeff, USA - Will show all of my iphone friends what a real phone can do.
    01-02-13 08:26 AM
  22. SixStringMadness's Avatar
    Eric, USA, melt down the 4G LTE tower closest to my house......
    01-02-13 09:19 AM
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