01-02-13 09:19 AM
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  1. Sudden_Berry's Avatar
    Every day, we see media reports that claim the BB10 is DOA, and that nobody will buy it. Let's show the media their error.

    Add your name (first only is ok), your country, and what you will do with your first 10 minutes of your new phone to this thread to join the Road To BB10! (lets try to break 10,000 names)

    1) Jeffrey, USA; i will download all my playbook apps and play flycraft

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    11-14-12 10:49 PM
  2. Masahiro's Avatar
    The media has been more positive lately. Other than one analyst that predicted BB10 to be a flop, and some weird allergy report, the media has moved on to other targets.

    I'll throw in my pledge to check out BB10 on the release day and buy it if it checks out. I'm just a little wary of switching over to a full touchscreen phone right off the bat.
    11-14-12 10:52 PM
  3. calicocat2010's Avatar
    2) Elaine, USA: Customize it my way oh and charge it of course.
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    11-14-12 10:52 PM
  4. anon(2757538)'s Avatar
    3) David, Canada; Fainting
    11-14-12 10:56 PM
  5. mphillips828's Avatar
    4) Mark, Canada - Set up all my accounts and play with the FLOW!
    11-14-12 11:07 PM
  6. Tha.Housewife's Avatar
    Bonnie, Usa: spend 10 minutes srarring at it!
    11-14-12 11:13 PM
  7. lboogie_1971_'s Avatar
    Lloyd,USA,wipe the drool and tears off that luscious screen.
    11-14-12 11:19 PM
  8. bhrgvr's Avatar
    Rajat... India.. Shine and wipe, stare, shineand wipe again, stare, touch, shine and wipe again, stare... Wow.... I could be doing it forever...

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    11-14-12 11:26 PM
  9. sk8er_tor's Avatar
    8) John, Canada. I will update my BBM profile
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    11-14-12 11:34 PM
  10. koboss's Avatar
    Jim Ontario, Canada with my new BB i will update my Twitter

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    11-14-12 11:36 PM
  11. sf49ers's Avatar
    jay - USA. I owe RIM that much
    11-14-12 11:54 PM
  12. North-Face's Avatar
    Dave, Canada; Make sure it's charged and update BBM profile/status. And if there's any time left I will swipe and peek a few times...
    11-14-12 11:55 PM
  13. cjcampbell's Avatar
    Chris - Canada - Get intimate with my new tool....
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    11-15-12 12:19 AM
  14. Aguilucho's Avatar
    ED, USA, I will show the phone to my family and friends.
    11-15-12 12:27 AM
  15. Balti43's Avatar
    Baltazar, USA, I will make a video with my new BB and drive off into the sunset with it!
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    11-15-12 12:51 AM
  16. ragdeiii03's Avatar
    Forget the media! Don't show desperation. Just be ourselves.

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    11-15-12 01:24 AM
  17. Humblemartins's Avatar
    Jim Ontario, Canada with my new BB i will update my Twitter

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9860 using Tapatalk

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9800 using Tapatalk sometimes my 9800 hangs whenever im doing works with my device does that mean the device is faulty?
    11-15-12 01:36 AM
  18. 11pts's Avatar
    Victor, Australia - pull a sickie and spend the day getting to know how to use it.
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    11-15-12 01:45 AM
  19. aragone79's Avatar
    Yosa, Indonesia - Spread all words about BB10 to social networks that I join with BB10.
    11-15-12 01:51 AM
  20. kdna's Avatar
    Michael, USA, make a very important phone call and change the world forever - using BB10.
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    11-15-12 01:53 AM
  21. Barljo's Avatar
    John, Isle of Man (UK). Annoy the bits off my girlfriend with how much I fiddle with my new phone for the first two days.
    11-15-12 03:59 AM
  22. Ben1232's Avatar
    Ben, UK. Setup all my accounts / bbm & personalise it.
    11-15-12 04:08 AM
  23. aznuso's Avatar
    Victor, Australia - pull a sickie and spend the day getting to know how to use it.
    LOL victor. Pulling a sickie is the aussie way. Haha

    Boz, Australia. Will also be pulling a sickie and getting lost in the world of BB10.
    11-15-12 04:33 AM
  24. qbnkelt's Avatar
    Lil - Mid Atlantic, USA.....I will be beating down the door of my AT&T store to walk away with a WHITE London.....and will spend the rest of the weekend customising it to my liking....
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    11-15-12 04:45 AM
  25. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Antoine, France : Set up all my accounts and just go back - eh, dancing - to work.
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    11-15-12 05:00 AM
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