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    BlackBerry Enterprise Head: Yes, we did leave users behind ? The Register

    Seems all very good until we get to the handsets. He says that there are tens of millions of legacy phones out there but admits that the lassic is driven by Enterprise demand.

    The Tens of millions of legacy units out there are mainly held by consumers outside of the USA.
    01-13-15 11:00 AM
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    There's a lot of detail here and the response could be a whole article on its own. I'll pick a few pieces to chew on.....

    I think John's commentary around devices shows how brutally competitive that market actually is and how commoditized it has become. I'm not sure how long Apple will be able to charge their significant premium for iPhones. I also found his comments on the NOC's somewhat confusing when it comes to monetizing this investment. As a shareholder, I've capitalized that facility to be built out but, like all technology, it has a relatively short shelf life before you need to re-capitalize to maintain its viability and asset value. If its not making money today while your still trying to build saleable products around this asset, at what point does it become a liability and a drag on earnings ?

    On a related note, its nice to see a Tandem alumni (I'm one to) making good......
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    01-13-15 12:10 PM

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