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    I am traveling to Tokyo in about a week and have called Verizon to setup my storm for the "Occasional Global Traveler" program. I should have the unlimited data package and an activated SIM to allow SMS at $.50 to send and $.05 to receive.

    I hope to get around the city using Google maps with GPS on the storm. My data package to access google maps and the "global" part of GPS should allow me to use a self locating google maps just like in the USA right?

    I hope to "text" other people in Tokyo on their phones. I believe the "texting" commonly used in Japan is not SMS (even though it is technically available), but a version of email. I am a little confused as to how standard the email system is on the Japanese cell phones. If I have a BIS gmail account set up on my storm, can I "text" in a natural way with Tokyo residents once I know their cell phone email address?

    Is this emailing "free" by being included in the data package or is there some unforeseen international routing that will result in either huge time delays or an exorbitant bill in 30 days?
    07-22-09 12:26 PM