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    I upgraded to a 8330 from a 8130. I used a bt530 with the 8130. But now when I try to pair with the 8330 it doesn't see it. I know the bluetooth works on both as I can pair either with the 8130.

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    11-16-08 06:41 PM
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    Sorry for a OT question!! While using the Pearl did you try streaming music from the Pearl musicplayer to the BT530 ?
    11-25-08 03:22 PM
  3. Zannor's Avatar
    If you mean from music stored on the bb, yes. I never got to try streaming from a site since carrier blocks streaming. It worked great for mp3s but not videos.

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    11-25-08 03:41 PM
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    I happened apon my answer to this question and thought it might be useful to others. I followed the manual for pairing and it worked fine on the 8130 but not the 8330. The manual says to just turn on the bt530 and it will automaticly startup in pairing mode. This would never work on the 8330. After giving up for a couple of weeks I got to thinking. Maybe I need to press the talk button while it's on. Low and behold it paired. Very odd that this process is different for the 8330. Even more odd that Jabra doesn't state this in the manual. In any case it works now. I'm just happy that I don't have a $75, rather small, paper weight on my desk.

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    12-12-08 07:25 AM