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    I ordered an 8040 two days ago. Somewhere I read that the normal premium jabra ear gels that everyone gets (the ones that work on the Samsung WEP200 and many other and are sold at amazon.com for $9.99) don't work for this one.

    I believe someone said you have to order "mini gels" that are normally used for wired jabra headsets.

    Does anyone know which gels work? A link to amazon or another popular website I could buy them from would be great!!!

    Thank you for the help everyone. I will write a review when I receive the unit tomorrow.

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    Looks like you did not get a single response. Hopefully this will raise the question to the top. I just got the Jabra myself and might need some replacement gels too.
    10-27-08 04:00 PM
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    Don't know if this helps, but I use these as replacement mini-gels for my Jawbone.

    NEW BLUETOOTH HEADSET JABRA MINI EARGELS BT500 BT250 - eBay (item 390004311083 end time Nov-28-08 08:09:49 PST)

    These things are phenomenal. I have no need for the ear hook.
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