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    I thought I would post this, simply so that if there is anyone thinking of switching - here is the story of someone who switched to Android, and has come back.

    It all began when I bought a relatively high end Android smartphone, big screen, high specs, everything! It was on offer and I thought - well everyone else is switching (turns out they aren't) so why not! This was the biggest waste of money I have ever made. Without naming and shaming the phone as this is not intended to be a argument - but the phone was terrible. The software wouldn't update as there was a big problem with the latest version (2.3) The battery life was a joke and honestly - it just wasn't that great. The games were fun, the big screen was nice, it looked nice too but writing a lot of messages, whatsapp, twitter, email, it just became a chore. The screen became smaller than a BlackBerry when the on screen keyboard was on which defeated the object and for some reason, the phone just did not like typing in two languages. This made the whole process really long. And I hated the size, why would I ever want such a big phone to put in my pocket. In my jeans, it just won't fit! (Granted I'm a guy who wears slim jeans but still!) I can't even use the whole screen one handed!!! It is a like a tablet not a phone and that's not what I want!

    So I sold this and bought another from a brand perhaps better known in Android. But again, I realised that I wasn't really using the 90 apps I had installed. Did I really need to have my airline's app which tells me everything I got in the email? Not really. Did I want an app that tells me when the next bus is coming in the city? Well not really when the bus times are at the stop and to be honest, it wasn't accurate on the phone. Am I really going to be playing temple run, angry birds, and a few other games forever? I got bored of them pretty soon.

    And to be honest, they weren't that fast and smooth. I found in honesty that when a lot of apps were open, they both were lagging and freezing and slow in games. And these were dual core Android phones.

    For me, getting my Tour 9630 out the drawer and using it just beats all of it. And that's BB OS5 and my last BB was the Bold 9900 which I stupidly sold The calendar just works, email is fast and efficient, Twitter works better, Whatsapp, BBM, it's all there. I can type fast on a touch screen but I am so much faster on the physical keyboard.

    The hype of Android and iPhone may seem like they are the only phones that matter. But if you are thinking of switching, think hard about it. Honestly, what apps will you use and compare. It's nice for a while, but when the apps start to become boring and you use your phone for what a phone really is for - communicating. You'll see that BlackBerry really is the best for that.

    One thing I will miss on Android is the Google intergration. The calendar syncs (I'm not sure if I can do that with BB). Google Docs was very useful on the phone for reading, and a few other Google things.

    I won't switch again and I am going to try to save for a Bold 9900 and be proud when I pull it out my pocket. I don't care of the negative press anymore, all the "hundreds of thousands of apps", all the media drama is just not worth worrying about! BlackBerry is an amazing phone. I only used Twitter, Whatsapp, and the email apps from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail. The rest, I used once and then not again.

    If you use a phone for communicating, being in touch, on the go, with people - I honestly can't see why you should switch. BlackBerry does it in such a way, it really is adddictive.

    If anyone at RIM is reading this, I want to say Thank you. You make an amazing product, and I support you all the way. I love it! Even my Tour 9630 which is much older than my two Android phones (both gone now!) beats them hands down.

    Proud BlackBerry user. #BeBoldAllTheWay
    05-03-12 10:38 AM
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    beautiful story! thats my same exact experience. after a while you realize your phone doesnt even do what its supposed to: talk with people.

    we have tablets for that other stuff

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    05-03-12 10:53 AM
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    Welcome back Nico.

    I hope you have your umbrella out as a hailstorm is heading your way. You really can't say nice things about a BB here. ITrolls and Phandroids get very unhappy.
    05-03-12 10:56 AM
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    Don't worry, there are lots of BBer who will kill em trolls on the spot.
    05-03-12 11:04 AM
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    Nice to see you cut loose of the herd
    05-03-12 11:04 AM
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    Welcome back, Nico . That was an amazing story.

    Thanks for sharing
    05-03-12 11:05 AM
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    Thank you! I felt I should post it. And I respect the opinion of others but I would like Android fans and iPhone fans to respect firstly that this is a BlackBerry forum! And secondly, I wrote respectfully without the need to insult anyone about my switching so let's keep it that way! This is to talk about switching back - not switching out!
    05-03-12 11:13 AM
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    Good for you. I hope that will also be my story when bb10 comes out.
    05-03-12 11:38 AM
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    Welcome back! For me a Bold just gets it done. And if I need a larger screen - one click "view on playbook" and there it is.

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    05-03-12 12:20 PM
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    (Granted I'm a guy who wears slim jeans but still!)
    This is the only thing I could find wrong with this post.
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    05-03-12 12:46 PM
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    Well I sure hope you last more than two weeks.

    Welcome home.
    05-03-12 01:11 PM
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    Welcome back, and I appreciate the respectful tone of your post. You are saying BB works for you, and that's many of us have found that as well. Sorry you are now back on an ancient OS. If this would have been posted a week ago, I would have sent you my old 9800, but I gave it to my daughter (she broke the screen on her 9800).
    05-03-12 01:11 PM
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    I had a similar experience with both Android and the iPhone. I now have an iPhone 4S that I use as an iPod touch and I'm happy with that.
    05-03-12 01:16 PM
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    Same thing happened to me . I had my first Blackberry in 2009 and i absolutely loved it, especially BBM and the fact that I can type coherent emails and receive them as soon as they hit my inbox. I then switched over to Android and it was alright for a few months but then it was just god awful with the battery and emails.

    I love my curve and can't imagine switching to anything else. I have no need for stupid apps. My phone has a solid GPS app that works better than most Android phones.

    Bottom line; Welcome back

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    05-03-12 01:31 PM
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    Yay!!!! Mommy, another bedtime story pweazeee????

    Kidding around.

    I love these stories. They are like equivalent to my bedtime stories when I was a kid!

    Let's have some more of these!

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    05-03-12 01:46 PM
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    I get a thrill up my leg every time I use the wife's Curve 8330 to bridge my PB; BlackBerry, for those bold enough to know better.
    05-03-12 01:53 PM
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    Haha! I may not wear the suit but I'm a BB fan even with slim jeans on!

    Yes I feel that my BlackBerry just get's it done. I did have a PlayBook but I didn't use it much so I sold that too. But I haven't really found a BB screen that small. Maybe for browsing it's not ideal but I don't really browse much on my phone as it is too slow and if I use it on 3G - bye bye battery for the day!

    I think there should be more people writing how they switched back! RIM should have in the open about people who did have a BB then left and came back!

    And I do hope my post is respecting, I hope no one takes it badly
    05-03-12 03:06 PM
  18. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    I had a similar experience. I look at my phone like I do my laptop. They have so many capabilities, but I really only need them for a few things. I have had Android and IOS phones but really don't need them for all of the things that they do. I found that I really didn't have any use for all of the thoudands of apps that were available for them. I really just needed a phone to make phone calls, text messages, emails, IMs, social networking, and PIM functions. That's what BlackBerry devices do best. Its great that a phone can show a movie in hd, but if you never watch a movie on your phone then what's the benefit? Nothing. You are just left with an oversized phone with bad battery life.
    05-03-12 05:05 PM
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    You sure it wasn't a storm?
    05-03-12 05:13 PM
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    I agree with the OP 100%. I'm currently on Android for the second time simply because it was cheaper and top of the line spec wise. Big screen, 8mp cam, blah blah blah. But a few months later Android has stalled out on me again. I miss the simplicity, efficiency and reliability that my 9780 gave me for 14+ months.
    05-03-12 11:37 PM
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    Almost similar experience. Am back to 9900. Like most of you know and said, when it boils down to being a solid and reliable communication device ++, BB wins hands down.
    05-04-12 12:40 AM