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    Problem & Solution Below:

    already Searched & couldn't find an answer to this.

    I just did a sync on my Tour with my itunes..When i go on my blackberry then Music and open the All Music folder or Artist folder, or Album folder the songs are there complete..But when i goto PLAYLISTS folder all the songs in each playlist only show 1second & when i click says (no valid songs in this playlist)...i dont get this? Anyone experiece this? So again the songs are there in all the other folders, but in the playlist folder they only show 1 second and when click on them nothing???

    But if i manually on my BB take the song from ALL MUSIC & add to a certain playlist then its there in its entirety! i dont understand this


    It turned out because i have a new SD card 16Gig that i bought from someone & i copied my old one onto this one, so it made 2 music files, and i guess i had to move the songs to the outside music file, now they are all fine in the playlist...sorry i can't be clearer, but again since i had copied all my old stuff onto the new card, its made new files as well, so i have 2 BLACKBERRY FOLDERS in that card, i had the songs in the Music folder of the wrong Blackberry folder..lol, as if that makes any sense!
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