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    I need some help on this one. I searched the forums but the information I found seemed old and I wanted to make sure I had the latest. A friend of mine has an 8530 and he is trying to download itunes to his phone on his Mac but when he attempts it through desktop manager the songs are not in the right format for his BB. I realize this is most likely basic stuff but I don't own Macs and he isn't a crackberry type guy. I would really appreciate any help as well as just a link. Thanks all.
    04-02-11 09:06 PM
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    I recognize this is boring and I am most likely dumb for not knowing the answer but I would really appreciate any help I can get.
    04-02-11 10:00 PM
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    The only reason I can think that the songs are not coppying could be if they are older songs downloaded on iTunes with DRM where apple only wanted songs put onto there own devices. I've been using desktop manager on my mac for a while now and can copy songs without DRM but the ones with DRM show up with a black cross.

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    04-03-11 01:05 AM
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    If the songs are DRM protected, you can burn them to a CD and then rip them back into iTunes, which will enable them to be transferred to any other media player including a BlackBerry.
    04-03-11 01:15 AM
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    Thanks guys. I'll check with him and see if that might be the issue.

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    04-03-11 08:54 AM