1. brianc88's Avatar
    It's been a while since I've used a BlackBerry, I used to have the Bold 9900 as my work phone, and now I'm looking for something new. I'm definitely interested in the Priv (and keeping my fingers crossed I get to try one out if I win the giveaway this month), but I'm a sucker for the old school looko of the Classic. Does anyone prefer one over the other? Help!
    04-12-16 09:42 AM
  2. Erik_1991's Avatar
    Well, I prefer BlackBerry 10 over android a 1000 times, but it's all about the apps... whatsapp for example will end support by the end of 2016. Facebook and instagram only available via 3th party etc....

    So what are your must apps?

    BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition 
    04-12-16 10:12 AM
  3. Carjackd's Avatar
    I still miss my passport and the ability of it to almost handle anything, along with a lot of featured baked into the OS....but since I got my Priv in November there is no looking back. camera- no comparison, app selection....same deal. Speed....not in the same league

    The learning curve is the tough part and it will take a few weeks to get use to android
    04-12-16 10:16 AM
  4. Obi-J's Avatar
    Well, I do not have any of those devices but if you are not worried about BB10 "announced" death and you come from a Bold, you surely are going to feel at home with the classic. There are workarounds to fill the app gap and BB10 is snappy as hell. About the Priv, well, and this is my personal take on it, it's a massive phone, more if you use the PKB. I understand lots of people love android but I'm not a fan. Hey, it's just an OS, I know, but I don't kike it, what can I say. If you do like Android and huge phones, go for it, I'm sure that you'll enjoy it a lot if you don't have to pay 700 bucks for it.

    Good luck with the giveaway!
    04-12-16 10:22 AM
  5. BBUniq01's Avatar
    I own the Priv and I do like it a lot, but the Classic just gives me that old school goodness feeling. I hate that it is just sitting in my drawer. BB10 would be good if u just need basic core communication functions that BlackBerry does very well. And the compact size of the Classic makes traveling with it so much easier than the Priv.

    Posted via my Priv
    04-13-16 05:19 PM

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