1. aceman118's Avatar
    I'm new to blackberry so forgive me if this is an easy fix. I have all my contacts stored as (###) ###-#### but when I get a text from someone it just shows the number but with +1 first. I'm assuming there is a setting somewhere but it seems dumb to not just have it automatically figure stuff like that out. I don't think I've ever had a phone that didn't do that.
    11-14-09 04:08 PM
  2. AngryChineseDriver's Avatar
    I always had an issue with the +1 showing up on my non-BB (the contact name/pic still shows), so I just added it to the contact info. However, if all you can see is the phone number incl +1 then I have no idea.

    A really good question...hope someone answers this as I'm curious.
    11-14-09 08:10 PM
  3. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    I've seen in other threads that the solution is to save the phone numbers as #########

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    11-14-09 11:07 PM
  4. aceman118's Avatar
    Well my point was they are stored without the leading 1. Plus they are stored in exchange so I don't think I can do that. I'm just trying to avoid adding a 1 to all the numbers in my contacts.
    11-15-09 03:47 PM
  5. aceman118's Avatar
    Apparently it is a device specific issue with the 9700 for those that are interested.

    General Issue on 9700! PLEASE TEST IF YOU HAVE ONE... - BlackBerry Support Community Forums
    11-16-09 04:16 PM