1. Robert.Frenette's Avatar
    Hi, I have the 8703e model, and I have a BIS and BES accounts set up, I want my BES account to my my default account and for all emails to send from there as it is my work account, and I have a BIS account (personal email) set up on my Blackberry I have the default set to my BES account but when I type a contacts name in to send an email it changes my “Send Using” email address to my BIS email address…… why? How can I fix this?
    12-03-08 06:59 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Two issues to consider. One, you can't reply to an email using a different email address than the one that received it. So if someone sends an email to your BIS account, you can't reply to it using your BES account. Two, I think if you manually change the "Send Using" to your BES, it will continue to use the BES address. Regardless of the default setting, the BlackBerry will use the last email address the next time you go to send.

    Let me know if this solves your problem.
    12-03-08 09:43 PM
  3. jbonnot03's Avatar
    I have noticed that if I send an email to a certain individual with say my gmail account. The next time I email this contact, it defaults to the gmail account used last time.
    12-03-08 09:55 PM