1. eyerolleddapiec's Avatar
    I am trying to register my GPS on my new curve but it says my device is not supported at this time. I checked Blackberry and sprints website and they both say that the phone is supported. anyone else have this issue? any work arounds?
    11-13-08 03:45 AM
  2. joe003's Avatar
    Make sure you have GPS enabled (options menu). They try a batter pull and give it a go.
    11-13-08 06:23 AM
  3. eyerolleddapiec's Avatar
    tried it, but still getting the same message
    11-14-08 04:08 AM
  4. qfadder's Avatar
    The gps works great on my sprint 8330.
    What application are you trying to use it with?
    Are you outside with a clear view of the sky?

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    11-17-08 10:43 PM
  5. eyerolleddapiec's Avatar
    strange thing is that it all of a sudden let me download the GPS software...did nothing different except tried again the next day...oh well..it updates much smoother than in Instinct did
    11-18-08 12:59 AM