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    I set up an event to repeat daily and noticed right after that it didn't have an alarm associated with it, so I went back to the first day's event and expect to get the message about editing THAT event or ALL events, but I was taken directly to the edit screen. There, I noticed the event wasn't a "recurring" event. The problem?? There was no way for me to edit them (year's of daily events!) from one edit screen. I tried all sorts of things, like editing the first event to be a recurring event, but that just duplicated the event. I was able to delete the duplicate, but was still stuck with hundreds, if not thousands of daily events (1 per day). The only way I was able to resolve the problem was to go to my PC and delete the events on Google Calendar, which HAD THE EVENTS LISTED AS RECURRING--therefore I was able to delete them all (it took a LONG time for the next google sync to strip them off the BB calendar, but it WORKED).

    SO....does anyone know how on earth an event on the BB calendar appears as a daily event, yet isn't listed as such on the edit event screen??
    09-08-10 02:49 PM
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    Mine is all tied up neatly with my Outlook and I have loads recurring events which were all set up/edited using Outlook so I've not had the problem

    On my previous LG phones I did have problem that they dont acknowledge recurring events at all but I could add recurring events using my Outlook

    EDIT: Just tried my BB and if i attempt to open any recurring events i get the prompt "Open the series" "Open this occurance"

    Maybe just delete the event and recreate it see what happens
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    09-09-10 06:51 AM
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    I've had the exact same thing happen on mine! I needed to change the alarm on a recurring event and it only let me edit that one occurrence.

    Mine also showed up as a recurring event on my Google calendar. Frustrating, indeed.
    09-09-10 07:26 AM