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    Hello All

    My Company uses Lotus Notes, I figure that information would be useful

    The Sales Team has Black berry's in Canada we use Bell, in the US they use Verizon.

    The Canadian Team makes use of Black Berry messenger the US Team does not, and because our Entire IT department is in the US, I don't see me just asking them to look into this going very far unless I have some solid leads to follow.

    SO here is the Problem

    Not all requests are getting accepted,
    I had 2 devices in my hand and still could not get them to accept eachother into BBM.

    Also the Users Name shows up as
    CN=(user name)/O=(comepanyname)@(domainname)
    Rather then Just the user name, this happens from time to time even with accepted users but I just rename them

    I have accepted him and he has accepted me, on difference occasions but we both remain in Pending mode.

    Any ideas how to trouble shoot?
    What recommendations do I have to make to IT, seeing as they will put this on low priority

    12-22-08 02:23 PM
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    What OS are you using? Also are you sending the invite with the PIN or email?

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    12-22-08 06:09 PM