1. deeeemon666's Avatar
    Just saw this on the BBC news website how Iphones are the most targeted by thieves. However it also said that after Iphones blackberry 9790 was the most stolen.

    BBC News - Apple iPhones among 'most stolen' handsets - Home Office

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    09-09-14 01:54 AM
  2. targnik's Avatar
    The crims would be close by standing next to a power outlet i.e. huggin a wall ^^

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    09-09-14 02:48 AM
  3. bakron1's Avatar
    Of course it's at the top of the list, it's the most popular device and has the highest resale value on the used market.

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    09-09-14 04:10 AM
  4. willowbeast's Avatar
    Funny, I read an article stating that since blacklist came out in Canada phone thefts have gone down quite a bit. The article talked about iPhone and Android. BlackBerry was not mentioned.

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    09-09-14 04:31 AM
  5. deeeemon666's Avatar
    Maybe after I phones I would have expected to see galaxies or Sony or lumia but a legacy BlackBerry was a surprise to be the second brand of phone stolen.

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    09-09-14 11:46 AM
  6. bambinoitaliano's Avatar
    It's relative to the number of phones existing out there in the world or countries.

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    09-09-14 03:11 PM
  7. L_ieven's Avatar
    Maybe thieves in the UK are not that stupid after all

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    09-11-14 06:50 AM

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