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    this from CNN (tech department).

    Is the iPhone hurting AT&T's brand? - CNN.com

    The title I feel is a bit misleading and I believe what it saying is AT&T has made very little gain in the Wireless Carrier department.
    10-02-09 11:03 AM
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    I have a friend who has an iPhone. AT&T was useless in providing any help when he stopped at the store with questions. He had to go to the Apple store. He said the folks at the Apple store were among the most helpful he ever dealt with.

    He is not a new customer to AT&T. He had them when they were Cingular. They didn't give him any reason to stay by their lack of help.

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    10-02-09 11:24 AM
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    I hear it all the time, IPhone is great, AT&T is getting worse by the year. Some years ago, the comment on the Internet - when AT&T and Cingular got together that was the death of Cingular. It might just be true and that is a shame, I know quite a few AT&T sales people who know it also and they are worried about the day the IPhone is no longer exclusive to AT&T. I had them and then switched to VZW because of dropped calls.

    We had them for work purposes as well and they couldn't get through the walls in our building and the cell tower was less than a mile away. I put in a call via my friend who works for AT&T, and received a call back from their Network Engineering department. They admitted the tower was degraded and promised to get it repaired. My work waited one month for this to happen. At the beginning of the second month I called them again and was told it would be fixed sometime in the future. The future didn't come and after three more months we made arrangements to switch carriers.
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