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    In response to the guy who switched from BB to iphone. I am going on
    2 weeks with my new bold and I have to say that I am overall very happy
    with my decision to switch to RIM.

    To be fair I never really had a whole lot of complaints with my iphone infact,
    I really did love the device. So the good about the iphone is like everyone says
    The browseing experiance is awesome for a mobile device and the appstore rocks
    And the storage is awesome I used to download 500mb torrents while I slept with
    Iphone. However, if my iphone was not jailbroken It would have been complete garbage.
    It's so crippled without jailbrake I am don't understan how anyone could use it standard
    The big screen is great and the youtube app worked awesome.

    So everthing was great but it was hobbled without background apps. Imagine talking to someone on chat then
    decide you want to check your email or twitter or something and it closes out your I'm session
    It really sucks. Batterylife is garbage no matter how you cut it Having to plan my day
    Around when my battery will die and knoweing that noone will have a charger
    is a deal breaker for me. The BBB is awesome I love that the charger uses the
    Usb cable thing to charge so anyone with a pc or laptop and a microusb cabel you
    Can recharge.

    The BBB keyboard is awesome however I am one of those people who
    really like the iphones digital keyboard when it worked and didn't lag 10 words behind
    So even thougj I loved the iphone keyboard The BBB wins although I wish that there
    Was a better auto correct thing as you can tell from this post (made from my bold)
    I made a ton of mistakes that didn't auto correct this feature might be avaible and I just
    Don't know how to use it yet the BBB screen is smaller but just as awesome as iphone
    If not a bit sharper. I love the feel of the BBB it feels really well made the iphone is really
    well made as well however, I was scared to death about dropping it
    Something I am not really worried about with the BBB.

    I love the the little flashing notification lights I wake up to be greeted with my
    Little red light telling me some spammer loves me and sent me email
    I don't really care for the track ball on the BBB but its useable. Browsing is alright
    I really like colum view something the iphone lacked I hate that there is no flash
    On eather device and I have yet to get youtube mobile to stream even 1 minute
    Of video that alone might mak me think twice before buying another BB.

    The BB app store is not avaiable in my country and that really makes me upset
    And the apps here on CB are all really Expensive. On iphone you can download
    1000s of free (good) apps. (Although I have to say that ubertwitter is killer ) I also
    Like the fact that I don't have to clean my screen every 2minutes.
    Anyhow, I know this post is all over the place and sloppy but there you go.

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    10-09-09 01:42 PM