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    I bought an ipad yesterday, and I have a blackberry curve 8520, I've looked aat a few different posts on crackberry but none of them seem to work.

    I don't have the pdaNET app in my app store
    I downloaded the .jad but that failed
    once that works I don't really know what to do anyway
    Isn't there a simple way/guide to doing it?
    I am really stupid
    I dunno what to do

    EDIT: I should note I'm not actually stupid; I easily jailbroke my iPad and I know how to work my way around all of the necessary things to tethering, I just don't understand how to ''get there''.

    on a separate note - I pay for a 500mb data plan on O2, and I'm lucky if I hit 5mb a month even though it is logged in on everything (facebook, AIM, twitter, The Guardian etc.). Is this the same with the iPad, bearing in mind it will mainly be for email updating and general news updates (e.g. Pulse).
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