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    So when I make an appointment, and I invite my GF to it, it automatically sends her an e-mail with all the information to save the appt in her calendar, then I recieve an e-mail back once she accepts the appointment, with the subject heading "Accepted: etc", but the body of the e-mail is blank. The e-mail she recieves has all the information transferred correctly, no problems.
    When she makes an appointment and sends an invite to me, the corresponding e-mail is blank when I recieve it, no attachment, nothing, just the subject line, nothing in the body. She went into her messages, and forwarded me the original message that was sent, and I was then able to see, and save the appointment.
    Why is it that the response e-mail to her accepting my invite, and her invite e-mail to me are both blank?? Does anyone know of a fix so that she doesn't have to forward me a copy of the e-mail that she sent me originally?
    10-27-09 01:30 PM
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    I figured out the problem, figured I'd post here incase anyone else runs into the same issue, it turned out it was the e-mail address we had sync'ed with her Pearl. She has a Hotmail account, and for some reason when she'd send the invite message, it wouldn't transfer correctly from her Pearl to the Hotmail server... when I went into her sent messages on her physical inbox, the message was there, but the body was blank. I synced a Yahoo e-mail to her Pearl, tried it again, and things sent perfectly.

    Has anyone with Hotmail experienced this problem before??
    10-28-09 08:22 AM
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    Never heard of that problem before. Did this happen on more than one occasion?

    Thanks for posting that you were able to fix the problem! Glad to hear you all got it working

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    10-28-09 10:42 AM
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    Never heard of that problem before. Did this happen on more than one occasion?
    Yes it did, I made multiple test appointments on her 8130 and invited myself to them, and each time the appointment invite e-mail came to my 8330 the body was blank. On the e-mail folder of her 8130, the information was there like normal, however, in the "sent" folder of her Hotmail inbox, when I pull up the e-mail, the body is completly blank, so there had to be some kind of a problem between her 8130 and Hotmail's server, maybe Hotmail won't transmit this data?

    As soon as I synced the Yahoo account I had to test it, and I made an appointment, invited myself using the Yahoo acct to send it, and I recieved it no problems, and she had no problems recieving the ones I send thru my Gmail account. Makes me think that it has something to do with Hotmail...

    It's kinda frustrating because I know she doesn't want to change her e-mail address, but I just started doing the calendar thing and inviting her to them so that we can keep better track of the things we have to do throughout the week (seems to be a problem... I'm always forgetting when things are...)

    Now here's the kicker... when she goes into her e-mail folder on her BB, and she selects the invite message that she sent, that I recieved blank, and if she forwards that same message to me, I recieve it no problem... how jacked up is that??
    10-28-09 11:07 AM
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    So I've run into a new issue with this. I went into my GF's BIS, deleted her e-mail, and then re-set it up, which had a default setup of POP. This then allowed the proper transmission of the appointment invites, no blank message body, everything transmitted no problem. The only problem of this is she's not getting the immediate delivery of her e-mails, she's getting them after 15-20 minute intervals, which neither her nor I like. So when I set it back to the IMAP setup, I run into the same problem as before, no calendar appointment showing in the body of the message, and said appointment invite isn't making it to my BB, just the subject header with an empty body.
    Can anyone explain why the two different setups would cause this issue? Is this an issue on RIM's end, or is it something that Windows Live put into their system (which is my guess). Anyone have any ideas??
    10-28-09 11:40 PM
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    What I would try and do, would set her up with a Gmail account. Then send the invites to her Gmail account, and she could still have her old email address too - to which she could either email from her hotmail account or gmail account, if she felt like it. She could just send the invites from her Gmail account. I have had no problems with invites on my Gmail account. Actually, I just used one today.

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    10-29-09 02:10 AM
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    Yeah, Gmail is what I use as well, and it really works great. I actually thought about that too last night after I posted. I think I'll run that by her tonight, but I know she's frustrated because it's not working properly with her Hotmail acct, and I tried to explain to her that it probably has something to do with the provisioning that Windows Live Hotmail has set in place when using a 3rd party to access your e-mail... Who knows, she didn't really care what I had to say, she just wanted it to work.
    10-29-09 08:23 AM
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    Girls. Lol

    Hope it gets working for ya!

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    10-29-09 09:29 AM
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    Girls. Lol

    Hope it gets working for ya!

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    You know it...
    Thanks for all the help!
    10-29-09 09:33 AM