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    A group of researchers from the University Sungkyunkan in Seoul are developing a system that would recharge the batteries of mobile phones by converting the sound into electricity.

    The device recharges the battery while the users speak or listen to music.

    According to The Telegraph, quoted by news agency Europa Press, the engineers working on a system that transforms the sound into electricity, allowing the energy storage and recharge your battery while the user is talking or listening to music.

    Transform the system to get the sound into electrical energy is achieved through a receiver fiber zinc respond to sound with movements that generate electricity.

    According to The Telegraph, a first prototype of this technology has successfully transformed the sounds of traffic into electricity.

    Sang-Woo Kim has confirmed the newspaper project. "A number of approaches to energy scavenging sound environments is being explored. The sound is always in our lives. This has motivated us to conduct studies on the generation of energy around the voice, music or ambient noise ".

    The battery of the smartphone is one of the aspects that are yet to improve on last generation devices.

    The high performance of the phones make the life of their autonomy is not high, which forces users to recharge with a high frequency.

    The proposal of these scientists would be recharged the batteries instead of being discharged during the talks.

    "The power of sound can be used to charge the battery during the talks," said Kim Sang-Woo.

    The possibilities of generating electricity with sound could also be used when reducing noise pollution.

    In this way, the team Sang-Woo Kim has said that would "reduce noise levels near highways absorbing sound energy vehicles."

    The system must be improved is to increase the amount of energy transformed, but the first experiments confirm that it is posible.-Writing tecnologia.iprofesional

    That wil be great for al us BB users

    Enjoy DelftEo
    05-09-11 09:33 PM
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    Interesting I guess...
    05-09-11 11:52 PM
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    my guess is that the replenishing of the battery would be superceded by its drain, meaning an extension of battery life at best. and i bet it would be very minimal, minimal enough it wouldnt be worth it.
    05-10-11 01:43 AM