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    Ok, I have searched and found that the "Invalid Ringtone Selected" is a common error for BB users. But what I have found is that coupled with the ringtone issue, the voice dialing completely stops working and any MP3's on my sd card or device memory stops working. However, my .wma files still work.

    This problem happens every/any time I listen/use my media player for any amount of time.

    There are many hints around this problem, but are there any actual fixes besides a battery pull/reset(which is like lipstick on pig, doesn't solve the problem)

    If the solution has be resolved, please me point in its direction. Or tell me what to search for.
    04-10-10 05:00 AM
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    I don't know if you found this thread or not, but it seems like it might be a solution. I haven't had this problem myself. http://forums.crackberry.com/f141/in...lected-267719/
    04-10-10 06:56 AM
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    Well, I found the fix for the problem. This has been the only permanent solution. Any other suggestion doesn't hold it off for good, but this one(so far, been testing it for about 8 hours...) is proving to be successful.

    I decided to post it here because its a problem that various different BB models were having...

    So for anyone that has had the same issues, here is the solution:

    Originally Posted by mrmw View Post
    The voice dialer is part of the symptom, but not the cure.

    I have chased this to ground and up a tree.

    The cause and the cure are now known. Notwithstanding all prior posts, deleting the playlist, accessing the voice dialer, doing a battery pull, changing or formatting the micro sdhc card-all temporary fixes. All transient.

    The root cause are corrupted address book and calendar database components.

    The cure is to wipe your device, reinstall the operating system, selectively restore databases and restore your address book and calendar ONLY from exported CSV files, NOT from backed up databases.

    Here are the steps:
    1. Use Desktop Manager Synchronize facility to run CSV backups of your address book and calendar (see Crackberry instructions at other links); AND from Desktop Manager Main Menu run a full database backup.
    2. Back up 3rd party apps (see Crackberry instructions at other links)
    3. From Blackberry.com, download and install to your computer the latest Carrier/Model specific operating system
    4. Download and install Blackberry Swiss Army Knife (see Crackberry instructions at other links)
    5. Use Blackberry Swiss Army Knife (see Crackberry instructions at other links) to:
    --wipe your system
    --load your Operating System
    --restore 3rd party apps
    6. Use Desktop manager to selectively restore ONLY these database components (see Crackberry instructions at other links):
    --Browser bookmarks
    --Browser Options
    --Phone call log
    --Service Books
    7. Use Desktop Manager Synchronize to synchronize your Address and Calendar CSV files back to your phone.

    Voila. Fixed.

    Repeat: The cause is corrupted address book and calendar database components.

    PS--it's possible in (6) above that you may be able to restore other database components in addition to those listed. If you do, and you don't get database corruptions, it would be good to post here.

    What pointed me to the address book as the culprit is that the voice dialer, when it opens, immediately scours the address book. That was the clue, together with the transient fix effected by opening the voice dialer.

    And here is how we chased the cause to ground and up a tree:
    --low level wipe and operating system (Sprint 8330 install
    --No errors
    --restore 3rd party apps
    --No errors
    --Restore Databases, all, using Desktop Manager
    --ERROR returns. Sigh.
    --low level wipe and operating system install
    --no errors
    --restore 3rd party apps
    --no errors
    --restore (as in -6- above) Browser bookmarks, phone call log, service books etc
    --no errors
    --restore address book and calendar (as in -7- above) from CSV files NOT from databases
    --no errors.

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    05-01-10 11:09 AM
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    Hello, Thanks for all the work. I am not the worlds greatest techie but I will give it a try. What happens when you go to sync? Do you have to export a CSV file for the new items or does it work all right. My ring tones were working last night but then I synced and now they aren't.

    I will try this later today.

    01-09-11 03:03 PM