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    The Economic Times has published an interview with Thorsten Heins.


    I found three interesting points, apart from the openness of mr. Heins.

    First, all PlayBooks will be upgradable to BB10. So it's coming to the PB, basta.

    Second, a quote: "The decision was made 18 months ago when we looked at our current Blackberry platform and operating system." This remark is, in my perception, linked to the start of the development of BB10. However, around that time they already had the PlayBook OS. So that OS clearly wasn't acceptable from the start, at least not to implement on phones. I guess, BB10 is build from the ground up starting around the same time the PB was made available to the public. Moreover, the PB OS only served as an example, an idea, not as the fundament for BB10. What this remark also implicitly tells me it that they developed a product - PB OS - but it was a failure for RIM.

    Third, mr. Heins (RIM) has a focus on mobile computing. I think that is the future too, but I cannot really imagine what it all means. When I first used WAP, an ancient way to browse the internet on a phone, I never imagined myself having a phone on which emailing was easier than on a PC, but now I have one. I never thought mobile Internet could be a success, but it is. So, please bring mobile computing to the next level, I'm anxious to learn what it has in store for me. I'm at least hoping for PowerPoint like applications, because that's what I'm currently missing.

    Good interview mr. Heins
    10-10-12 04:43 AM
  2. anon(4216152)'s Avatar
    Old news? Yes, nevertheless, the points mentioned by mr. Heins remain interesting, particularly the 18 months issue.

    Sorry for the old news.
    10-10-12 04:47 AM
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    More blah blah blah.

    Talk is cheap. (and getting old)


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    10-10-12 09:16 AM

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