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    I know Chen's quote was taken out of context, but it does beg the question.
    Has the internet of things vision been abandoned?
    I fully understand that the company has to become profitable to be a company. The bes side of things has to be a focus for now. This is all great for the balance sheet.

    What I'm wondering is if Chen still holds on to the grand vision of one being always connected to their car, house, hospital, office, etc.

    To me this vision requires two main components to work :
    Bb10 and q-net.
    Q-net we haven't heard anything about lately, and bb10 seems to be talked about like just another os.

    I loved the idea of your phone being the center of your world, connecting you with all the things around you. Not connected with an app, but literally connected - sharing resources, knowing who you are, etc.
    I followed the idea of the office employees that would walk up to their terminal and put their phone in the cradle and the os changes to desktop mode.
    The (semi) dumb tablet that would utilize your phone's memory and storage but have apps that are properly rendered for it.
    The ability for a phone to borrow processing power from a neighbor when computing something large.
    All this promise that only bb10 could do.

    Qnx car 2 seemed to be going in that direction but has been sacrificed for mirror link and regulated to being the underlying os. This is no longer the vision where your car utilizes your phones components as its own. I know the apps and that are still on the phone, but that's not the point.

    I have never heard BlackBerry explain why bb10 is different in this regard from the other os'. The promise it has.

    It seems like the plan was for bb10 to do great on its own enabling BlackBerry to fulfill the rest of the vision.

    Now that bb10 didn't sell, I understand that the path has to change, but is the final destination still the same?

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    04-10-14 07:02 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Company's like to talk about "visions" of the future.... think of Detroit and their annual Car Show. Most of the innovations they display, never come about. And then the ones that do, it usually take YEARS before they are able to make the technology work on a production level at the price that makes them possible.

    This isn't really BlackBerry's vision, it is a natural progression of technology and where it seems to be heading.... On one hand it is amazing what the possibility are for the future, on another it is amazing the number of people still using Windows XP....
    04-10-14 07:11 AM
  3. Rello's Avatar
    "Coming soon"...

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    04-10-14 07:16 AM
  4. lnichols's Avatar
    They have a vision, everyone else is implementing it already. They couldn't even make the PlayBook and Z10 work well together so I have my doubts on them executing this in timely fashion before investors demand they sale the company in pieces.

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    04-10-14 09:15 AM
  5. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    I think that was more about Heins spinning and deflecting at the time, basically trying to explain why they didn't have a new tablet, and poor sales - "we're not even worried about today, we're already thinking 5 years ahead". As someone mentioned above, we are already headed to that type of future anyway, where much revolves around your mobile device. You can see it gradually evolving in technologies like NFC, QR code scanning, the increasing home automation controllable via mobile etc. I
    04-10-14 09:34 AM
  6. BitPusher2600's Avatar
    I find the whole "Internet of things" concept a tad disturbing myself, knowing every company out for profit will exploit that data to it's maximum, insurance companies and the like will have a field day, and of course, why not put the government into our lives a little deeper.

    It's not a tinfoil hat thing necessarily, I just simply don't see what is really so beneficial and revolutionary with this "vision". I'm up for a lesson if you'd care to share.
    04-10-14 02:02 PM

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