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    I know this has been asked already, but i'm on my phone and i dont have the "search" option in this app.

    Can someone post a link to an internet speed test site?


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    08-23-12 07:04 AM
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    08-23-12 07:36 AM
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    This topic reminds that yesterday i did a quick test against an iphone 4 or 4s (I do not see the difference).
    We were in an old building and I wanted to test the difference of internet speed between the 2 devices. Unfortunately the iphone had not a 3G connection while I was between 4/5 or full 3G connection so we had to go through wifi to continue the test.
    After cleaning the history, cookies and cache of the browser we decided to connect to www.youtube.com.
    And the winner was.... (drums)... my BB (for a second)!

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    08-23-12 07:48 AM
  4. ninjastorm's Avatar
    I don't know about this app .But I know where you can check the speed of internet of your Blackberry 8520.Visit the site Scanmyspeed.com and check the speed in Mbps ,MBps measurement.
    01-05-13 02:04 AM