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    I have spent a lot of time researching this problem and have tried many solutions and none have worked.

    I had 4 personal email accounts setup on my torch for the past 6 months or so - every thing worked fine. Recently our Corporate IT support approved and made the social networling apps available on my Torch.

    Since then, my personal email folders are gone (they are not hidden) and of course no email is received from those accounts. I have deleted and recreated the accounts numerous times from the "setup" application. It appears to work everytime, however when I go into "Options" "Inbox Management" of the Messages folder, my email accounts are not there to select. (only Desktop and Text Message appears options).

    I have wiped and a restored my torch several times using procedure described on this forum (use of BBDM, BBSAK, reinstall hand held OS, etc...) This resulted in no change in my ability to add my personal email accounts.

    My corporate BB support guys really dont care because it is my personal email. I have spent so much time on this I am convinced it is a setting on the BES server they pushed to my BB when they added the social networking option to my torch.

    Does anyone have suggestions for me or know any possible settings on BES that I can direct my support guys to look at??

    Thank you in advance!
    12-14-11 06:41 AM