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    I did a search, but all I see is "how to change to another country when traveling"...

    My problem is , I think, is that my company's bes is based in Europe. When I try to pull up CNN it defaults to Europe, when i pull a seach on youtube, it pulls up its findings from Europe. I have Google / US saved in my favorites, so that works fine, but other web pages I can't get them to pull their US version.

    It happens for any web page that has a European version of it's US web page; even if I type in the address bar www. cnn.com, it will pull up the European / World Cnn.
    Any ideas?
    02-02-11 01:59 PM
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    bump.. any idea on how to change the country default? Not a big deal..but annoying
    04-15-11 05:06 PM
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    the home network is connection that used to connect to the network by using the carrier's internet services - then you get IP that used in the web.

    The IP is set by the country...

    in some websites when you enter them they show you the local version by your IP. some of them let you change it (in Google if connected from non-us country you have the link to Google.com, in CNN you can select other versions of the edition)

    So it's done by this connection filtering... far as i know you can maybe use some buffer to handle it and use other IP but it can slow the connection.

    *I hope that this is useful and you're asking about this and not something else
    04-15-11 05:57 PM