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    Recently purchased a new Blackberry 8520 from Virgin Mobile (contract), since I've had the phone the WiFi hasn't worked properly. Its connecting to my router and will work every now and again for a few minutes. (grey wifi icon going on and off)

    I've read through the "WiFi - Greyed out yet connected? How I sorted it out..." thread and tried everything but I've still got the same problem.

    My wife got the same phone at the same time and her's is the exact same.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    06-22-11 09:03 AM
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    06-24-11 03:58 AM
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    hmmm.... i have the 9300 (curve 3G) running os6 for 2 months now. I also have wifi problems that really freaked me out, however i have narrowed down my issue to (miscommunication?) between the router and BB when i set the security to highest level (WAP/WAP2) on my dlink router (same thing occurs at school/work network- both WAP-Enterprise). So to get my bb to connect to a WAP secured Wireles Network is a matter of luck, I have to go for anywhere between 1 to 50 connection attempts (O_O) to get wifi on the curve. However, at that point it holds as long as I am within wifi range.

    Anyway, a few basic questions:
    (1) Am I right to assume that you are attempting to use the wifi within reasonable range from your router??? Otherwise the intermittent connection could be due to you going into/out-of the router range and the phone continuously looking to connect to your preferred connection. (IMHO)
    (2)What is your router's current security setting?
    (3)Have you tried connecting to the router with no security at all (Open network)?

    07-17-11 07:38 AM