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    C/net gives best in show to QNX Car2, in the Car tech segment.

    Quote: Congrats to the QNX auto team and the PlayBook OS developers. CNET was really impressed with the new QNX Car 2 Platform which we told you previously was shortlisted for their Best of CES award. Paul pointed out that the Car 2 platform won the CNET Best of CES 2012 award in the Car Tech category which is one of the 10 categories and it is the official awards of the show. You can see the awards presentation below or on CNET’s website.
    QNX Car 2 Platform Wins Best of CES 2012 Car Tech Award from CNET - BerryReview

    Secondly PB2.0 is getting some respect. Gizmodo has called it the biggest surprise of the show.

    Quote: But now that CES 2012 is starting to wrap up, Gizmodo has labelled the PlayBook and OS2.0 the biggest surprise at CES. In an article they ran earlier this week you could see their pleasure in it, and now it is receiving some positive press! Praise like this is exactly what RIM needs to help create a more positive brand movement. I am curious to see how many people feel the same way
    Is it time for RIM to shine with OS 2.0? - BerryReview

    First it was the drunken tech bloggers to start, From there it seemed the "main stream media" picked up the old baton. Stateing nothing to see here, its to late! later to find that a more thought out view was one of, what we saw from RIM was indeed new and inovative!
    Go RIM.
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