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    The clincher is at the end:

    "If they think they can get this all sorted out in the public eye, that’s going to be a pretty rare event,” Professor Cumming said, adding that the glare on BlackBerry’s problems will further erode confidence in the brand.

    A person who has squabbled with Mr. Watsa over the years is skeptical that Fairfax will be able to save BlackBerry.

    "There have been a lot of smarter people looking at this, and they can’t seem to make it work,” he said. “Warren Buffett isn’t buying broken-down tech companies.”
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    11-11-13 09:26 AM
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    Very interesting.

    I don't know the man, so this is pure conjecture, but I wonder how much PWs ego is playing into this?
    11-11-13 09:46 AM
  3. Chicago777Guy's Avatar
    Very interesting.

    I don't know the man, so this is pure conjecture, but I wonder how much PWs ego is playing into this?
    That's problem...when you don't know about someone it's better to say I cannot comment rather questioning thier ego .. He is not banking on BlackBerry becoming a dominant player again. He is just saying that Govement and regulates industries would continue to use BlackBerry for its top class security and that would be enough to support a much higher valuation.

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    11-11-13 09:51 AM
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    I really think that PW made the same mistake that so many in the "I support BBRY..." thread did. He was a friend of many involved at BlackBerry, he used BlackBerry devices and he is a supporter of Canada. He got emotional involved, which made it hard to make the cold and calculated decisions that are normally crucial in investing. He is HUMAN.
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    11-11-13 09:56 AM
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    I think PW is in the business of making money and not gunning to be #1 smartphone maker.

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    11-11-13 03:42 PM
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    Deep down, I think he's a little emotionally attached to BlackBerry and wants to be it's shining knight

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    11-11-13 03:54 PM

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