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    So I recently had a friend who lost their Blackberry, and thinking I would learn from his mistake I started searching for GPS software that would allow me to track my bb anywhere. As I went through the software one by one, I realized most of them needed software running the background. So it got me thinking if someone finds my phone the first thing they will do is turn it off and pop the sim card. I know GPS obviously cant broadcast while off right. Does BES need a sim card in it to work? is there a send location program that runs stealth? so when dude pops in his sim card it'll still have my app running?

    Also I briefly looked into BES, they have an IT policy for location sending. But does one need a sim card installed to log into BES? duh right? and the IT policy would not change from sim card to sim card correct? so I could just check the location of the pin?

    I've done much research but need opinions on the following

    Thanks Guys!/Gals!
    01-30-10 08:44 AM
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    Pretty much, most of the apps (eGPS, Berry Locator, SmrtGuard, InstaMapper, Lattitude) all need to be running in the background in one form or another.

    If the SIM card is changed out, then that's going to change the phone number associated with that BB. It won't change the PIN, and it would probably still have the BIS account associated with the PIN (they won't be able to assign another BIS/BES account to the phone until it has been released from its current account). So, you might still be able to send a PIN or E-mail to that BB.

    The nice thing about some of these apps (like eGPS) is they don't show up in the App Switcher list. So, they can run somewhat in Stealth mode (until the person deletes the app or wipes the phone). Until they do that, you can still get the location via GPS or cell tower. Once the app is gone (or phone wiped), all bets are off.

    The other thing to do is lock the BB with a password. They won't be able to remove apps that way (although, they could still wipe it). If you keep any sensitive info on your BB (account info, passwords...) it's always best to have a password on it.

    About the only thing left to do after that is report the phone stolen, At least they won't be able to attach it to another BIS account.
    01-30-10 09:32 AM
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    Wow that was exactly what I wanted thanks for that Xoph! eGPS sounds pretty good. what about that free version of smrtguard? hows the Battery life?
    02-06-10 10:26 AM