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    So I've been thinking. What makes people pay attention when it comes to smartphones? Innovation! So, why not do something that I'm pretty sure hasn't been done before? The LG Flex is interesting because it's curved. Cool, right? Gimmicky, but I suppose it could be useful.
    So why not break tradition on what a smartphone should look like? Why not make a round, circular smartphone?

    I even came up with a name for it. The Blackberry Ophelia. A completely round, touchscreen only or slider device. No home button, just a round screen (with a slim bezel for gestures) just big enough to properly display apps in the Q10 or more desirable iPhone 4s dimensions. Unused screen space on the sides (or top and bottom if a landscape mode is possible with a simple rotation of the device) of the screen while in apps could be home to user customizable quick icons such as brightness, wifi, bbm, texts, email, etc to quickly navigate out of said apps. The touch keyboard would be curved and could have a "predictive zoom" option. It starts off in a far away view of the entire keyboard that uses predictive text based on the first few letters you type to slightly zoom in on the area of the keyboard it thinks the next letter of your word may be. The capitalization, symbol, space, attachment, and voice buttons will remain on the edges of the zoom's field. Swiping up to select the full word would zoom the keyboard back out or to the first letter area of the word it thinks you'll use next. A zoom function could be used for the entire OS if implemented properly. The Hub could be redesigned to pop out in a ring around the rest of the screen by swiping to whichever side of the phone you want it to appear on. No matter what section of the hub you're in the icons for other sections, in a "peek like" sense, would be present in the hub ring. The same could be said for settings, file manager, device monitor, and custom apps. You could have the screen rotate as you rotate the device (Screen Shift) or have a screen lock button to disable or limit the shift function to only the outer hub/setting ring. To answer a call you slide your finger along the curved edge of the screen to the right from the bottom, to deny a call you do the exact opposite to the left. Beside mode would look pretty cool! Netflix not so much.
    As for a slider, just think of a traditional slider but with a curved slide out keyboard instead of a square or rectangle.
    The device as a whole would probably need two hands to use. There would be a small, mid, and phablet option to choose from. The smaller option could be like a round version of the Q's screen sans keyboard, meant for emerging markets. The mid size would come with mid-range specs for slider and high end specs for the full touch. The phablet would be the premium device. The smaller device could come with a wrist strap case to make it wearable.
    It doesn't even have to be a Blackberry 10 phone. It could be a QNX Mobile Device to separate it slightly from the negative stigma that comes with the name "Blackberry." It'd be a Blackberry at heart but renamed, re-branded, and tweaked to be much more consumer friendly. Prettier. Stylish. Innovative and crazy enough to get people curious about it. I mean, I know people who want the curved LG phone just because it's curved and unusual. People want what stands out. Why not give them something entirely new and flashy? Make the LED circle the screen and pulsate when there's a new message. Ophelia would either be a masterpiece or a disaster, but damn would either way get people talking. What do you think? Anyone brave enough to render this?

    Thanks for reading.

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    02-25-14 01:42 AM
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    Sounds like an interesting idea. Not for a phone like you said. No one wants a two-handed operation of their phone and the shape doesn't fit well in purses or pockets.

    But an interesting concept nonetheless. Good Luck in marketing your design. Contact someone!! You never know!!!!!!!!!!!!
    02-25-14 07:16 AM

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