1. kbz1960's Avatar
    Don't know if this one has been posted or not but I thought it was interesting.

    The humbling of RIM
    05-15-11 02:24 PM
  2. Mamaluka's Avatar
    Certainly was interesting. The writer seems to peg the current mobile market fairly accurately and honestly. Its going to be an interesting couple years to come in mobile devices.

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    05-15-11 02:47 PM
  3. lewdvig's Avatar
    RIM probably won't be another Palm. But who knows?

    The phone you buy today will still do what it was designed to do in a few years. So why worry about it unless you collect a cheque from RIM?
    05-15-11 03:52 PM
  4. qbnkelt's Avatar
    That was a great article. Thanks for posting.

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    05-16-11 03:09 AM
  5. trav2001's Avatar
    As long as I can continue to text, call and email from my BB's than I'm happy. I'm not a huge web surfer or app user anyway.
    05-16-11 07:20 AM
  6. qbnkelt's Avatar
    There are some of us who do use the web and a certain number of apps. I find Blackberry Travelern Google Maps, Poynt, banking apps, Meterberry, Weatherbug and BeBuzz to be invaluable.
    I do browse a lot.
    05-16-11 09:27 AM
  7. BuddyC_cb's Avatar
    Interesting article, and as time passes things will certainly change on how RIM conducts business.
    05-16-11 10:06 AM
  8. CranBerry413's Avatar
    This was a good read. Refreshing to see someone not spreading the Doom & Gloom for once. Great Post!

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    05-16-11 11:00 AM
  9. Kuhns's Avatar
    That was a great article! I just hope Rim can hurry up and step up and do like they say and open up the option for Android Apps on their phones. I love the blackberry interface for ease of use but the Android Apps are fun. The best of both worlds would be great!
    05-16-11 12:00 PM