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    I got this from an att rep. thought it was an amusing read and wanted to share....

    • Are Insurance & Durability important to you?
    • You are investing in a smartphone, don’t you want to invest in a product that will last?
    • BlackBerry devices are renowned in the industry for their durability & longevity. This is due to the device construction, rigorous testing and high standards
    • With AT&T Asurion insurance, you can have insurance on all BlackBerry devices available from AT&T. This insurance is not available on a certain BlackBerry competitors
    • Would you like to be able to easily & quickly type on your Smartphone?
    • BlackBerry has a superior ergonomic keyboard with large buttons that allows you to easily and quickly type out a text, email or instant message
    • The BlackBerry trackball & keyboard are designed for quick and easy one-handed typing while on the go
    • Do you email? If the question is email then the answer is BlackBerry
    • BlackBerry has a patented PUSH Email system that allows you to keep track of up to 10 different work or personal email accounts. Each mailbox is wirelessly updated whenever you send, delete or read messages on your Smartphone
    • BlackBerry will wirelessly synchronize for free with all email accounts including 4 major email accounts (Google, Hotmail/MSN, Yahoo & AOL)
    • Do you like Instant Messaging (IM)?
    • Did you know that a certain BlackBerry competitor does not have the ability to IM?
    • On BlackBerry, Instant Messaging will be included in your unlimited monthly data plan, it will not cost you more. You can use all of the popular IM clients (AOL, Windows Live, Yahoo, Google, ICQ) which are easily downloaded from BlackBerry Software Store - powered by Handango or http://mobile.blackberry.com
    • You can also use BlackBerry Messenger, which is free unlimited IM from your BlackBerry to any BlackBerry on any carrier in the world. (with a BlackBerry data plan)

    • Do you want to buy a smartphone with proven and reliable battery life?
    • You are purchasing a smartphone, wouldn’t you like it to last as long as you do? BlackBerry prides itself on long lasting, reliable battery life no matter what you are using it for (Phone calls, texting, watching a movie, listening to music, GPS, WIFI etc)
    • Also BlackBerry has a patented email/instant messaging system that allows it to stay constantly connected to all data systems without draining the device’s battery life
    • BlackBerry devices have one of the longest talk times in the industry.
    • Smartphone power users, especially those who travel, prefer a user-replaceable battery, which is what the BlackBerry utilizes. A certain BlackBerry competitor has a non-removable battery which would require professional attention if replacement is needed
    • As a bonus, BlackBerry Authentic Accessories also save you even more battery life. They have patented technology built in to automatically turn off the screen when holstered
    • Do you want your Smartphone to be able to video record?
    • You can currently video record on your BlackBerry Pearl 8110. When new free software updates are released for the 8300 and 8310, they will also have this exciting feature
    • A certain BlackBerry competitor is not able to video record
    • Smartphones can copy and paste
    • It’s one of the most simple/basic functions of a Smartphone. BlackBerry has been able to do this for over a decade
    • How advanced are you when you can’t copy and paste? A certain BlackBerry competitor is not able to copy and paste
    • You can Edit File Attachments on a BlackBerry
    • You cannot edit File attachments on a certain BlackBerry competitor
    • Yes, on BlackBerry, you can edit word & excel documents using software downloaded from BlackBerry Software Store - powered by Handango or in the future, BlackBerry handheld software will have this preloaded
    • BlackBerry devices can be used as a tethered modem
    • A certain BlackBerry competitor cannot. Tethered Modem is a great feature for customers on the go that would benefit from a high-speed internet connection with their Laptop. Only $60/month from AT&T
    • Smartphones have 1 touch speed dialing & voice dialing
    • BlackBerry devices include Alpha numeric dialing (1800FLOWERS), 1 touch dialing, voice activated dialing & 6 way conference calling
    • A certain BlackBerry competitor cannot 1 touch speed dial or voice dial.

    • Use your BlackBerry External Memory as actual storage space for whatever you want
    • You can save anything you want to your BlackBerry Micro SD memory card including Microsoft Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), PDFs & much more
    • On a certain BlackBerry competitor, you cannot save your office documents to the device
    • The BlackBerry Pearl 8110 can hold an 8 GB Micro SD card and the BlackBerry Curve 8310 can hold a 4 GB Micro SD card. BlackBerry devices have been designed so that when software is updated, they will be able to handle larger Micro SD cards, for free!
    • A certain BlackBerry competitor cannot upgrade their memory size
    • BlackBerry devices sync with Mac computers. Download PocketMac https://na.blackberry.com/eng/services/
    • BlackBerry is a great media player & Syncs with your iTunes on Mac or PC
    • BlackBerry Media Sync is free software that allows you to sync your BlackBerry directly with music on your iTunes playlists, using a PC. This software will be available for free from BlackBerry
    • Did you know that numerous 3rd party developers have also developed software that allows you to sync your BlackBerry with your iTunes playlists on your Mac? Google “BlackBerry Sync iTunes Mac” to discover the possibilities
    • Spin through all the music album art on your BlackBerry with MiuTunes - Transform your BlackBerry into a cool MP3 player or www.flipside.fm/flipside.jad. It wirelessly downloads album art for free to your BlackBerry. You can select the free trial period or purchase the music players for a small onetime cost
    • Did you know that BlackBerry includes Roxio Media Manager for free in the box? This installs on your PC and allows you to easily & quickly sync all of your media with your BlackBerry. It also has a free video converter to optimize your movies for your BlackBerry
    • BlackBerry fits in your pocket & offers you a choice in device type
    • Both the BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Curve are smaller and lighter than a certain BlackBerry competitor
    • BlackBerry Smartphones provide the same reliable, easy to use, wireless experience in a variety of form factors and a great choice of colors suited for any work style or lifestyle
    • BlackBerry - Millions love it. Millions own it. There are many reasons why we’re #1
    • BlackBerry has over 16 million subscribers around the world and has shipped over 40 Million handsets
    • Available in more than 350 carriers & channels in over 135 countries around the world!
    • BlackBerry has the most subscribers of any smartphone at AT&T
    • BlackBerry is a smartphone innovator first and foremost
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    Good arcticle.

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    07-12-08 01:01 AM
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    I also agree =p

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    Make that four who agree.
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    That was a great read. Make it 5
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    Love it! That's 6

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    Lucky Number 7...oh and a big plus...I don't think he mentioned...Picture Mail!!!...and all of this plus things the i phone can't do for several hundred dollars cheaper... at least with a new contract or upgrade...
    07-12-08 01:44 AM
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    Good article I agree.

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    That was from at&t? Really?? They r the iphone company... that's odd to me.
    07-12-08 02:13 AM
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    I wish every friend of mine who has an iPhone (and thinks they are SO much better than me) would read this article.
    07-12-08 02:15 AM
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    Great article describing basic features left out of the iphone( its 2008 not 2000) , but this seems more of what a fanboy would say than a wireless carrier. ..... "Lucy, something smells fishy here"
    07-12-08 02:46 AM
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    Great article describing basic features left out of the iphone( its 2008 not 2000) , but this seems more of what a fanboy would say than a wireless carrier. ..... "Lucy, something smells fishy here"
    The article IS about the iphone...
    07-13-08 09:23 PM
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    That is crap from ATT as many carriers have equipment protection, I know for fact T-Mobile has had it from same company for past several years as I have it!!
    07-13-08 09:57 PM