1. hillievans's Avatar
    Can't sync my address book with Outlook 2003...it syncs partially and then stops...I haven't had this problem in the past, so why am I having it now? I've been to the blackberry.com forums and none of the solutions are working. I would like to download an older version of Blackberry Desktop Software, when things used to work just fine.
    10-10-09 06:53 PM
  2. marusso78's Avatar
    Found this on another post as I ran into the same issue. This worked perfectly...

    Hey there try this I hope it helps

    Likely your Synchronization Data is corrupt.

    - Leave your BlackBerry unplugged

    - Open Desktop Manager, click on Synchronize.

    - Click on Configuration Tab, then click Reset Configuration

    - Close the Desktop Manager, then reopen.

    - connect the BlackBerry.

    - You may get a message "No applications configured for synchronization..." Click OK.

    - Resetup your sync information with Outlook
    01-13-10 08:28 AM
  3. jocc's Avatar
    it really worked on my 9700 BB Bold. tk you
    05-18-10 05:53 AM
  4. drl's Avatar
    Had the same problem with my Torch and Outlook 2007. Followed marusso's advice (the steps on my Desktop Manager were slightly different). After two attempts the problem was solved. When I reconfigured my sync I made the address book sync one-way, from Outlook to device, after deleting duplicates of some address book entries. Before the problem started I noticed that I had duplicates of some address book entries on my device, that ended up in Outlook after the last successful sync before the problem started. Don't know how I ended with duplicates of just some of my address entries, but it seemed to be related to the onset of the problem. After my successful resolution of the issue I reconfigured my sync for two-way address book sync between Outlook and device and the sync seemed to go fine. Hope I'm fixed now, though. Thanks.
    07-07-11 01:02 AM