1. dylship's Avatar
    I was never able to figure out how to get Instagram on my Z10 but TechnoBuffalo put out a really easy step by step process and I got it! I'm just wondering if Android ports can like effect my phone or slow it down?

    Posted via CB10
    06-06-13 05:05 PM
  2. GvdM's Avatar
    of course they can
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    06-06-13 05:10 PM
  3. dylship's Avatar
    Would you not recommend doing it?

    Posted via CB10
    06-06-13 05:38 PM
  4. pmccartney's Avatar
    I've had Instagram side loaded for weeks and it does not slow the Z10 down. I have yet to find a side load that slows the Z10.
    I have tried a couple side loaded apps that ran slow but again, the Z did not run slow.
    Of all the side loads I have the only one that is a bit slow to navigate is Netflix.

    Posted via CB10.1.0.2354
    06-06-13 05:44 PM
  5. mediadavid's Avatar
    Some android side - loads (not instagram, by all accounts) can really drain your battery. I'd keep it to certain apps you can't do without, such as instagram.

    Posted via CB10
    06-06-13 05:52 PM

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