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    RIM promises to solve BlackBerry issue by June-end: Raja- Telecom-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times

    RIM promises to solve BlackBerry issue by June-end: Raja

    NEW DELHI: Telecom Minister A Raja on Thursday said makers of Blackberry Smartphone, which has run into trouble with Centre over security issues, has assured DoT of coming out with a solution by month-end but Government is also open to solution by other companies to crack the data encryption.

    "By June-end some solution must be there. Research- In-Motion (RIM) has promised us. Otherwise government will invoke other jurisdiction, some other companies have approached us saying they wanted to display solution (on decryption of data) and we are open to that also," Raja said.

    "RIM, makers of BlackBerry smartphone, itself has said it would come out with a solution within a stipulated time. Security purpose is of paramount importance to the country but we cannot simply bar Blackberry when other countries are operating it," he said.

    Refuting that there is soft corner for Balckberry, he said, "We cannot agitate against Balckberry... We need service but the question is subject to the security, how the needs can be fulfilled.. how many countries have banned. The service is essential.., we will find some ways."

    "RIM wanted some time... We have given them. If they want extension, we may give them... if nothing comes out we will go for other options... we cannot close the service, he said.
    An opportunity to land a contract with India, if you can crack 128 bit AES encryption. I am sure there will be a lot interest in tacking that job.

    How many other countries have banned BlackBerry Service? None.

    Russia was slow, but once China said YES, they came onside quickly.
    06-12-08 02:05 PM
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    What the eeeeffff??
    06-12-08 08:49 PM
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    That is interesting.
    06-12-08 09:21 PM
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    Good luck with that!!
    06-13-08 01:02 AM
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    We need service but the question is subject to the security,
    Surely they don't mean the security of the Blackberries...
    06-13-08 03:09 AM