1. morlock_man's Avatar
    I'm noticing more Blackberry product placement on tv over the last week so I thought ask if anyone else has noticed anything.

    -Troy watches a security camera via a playbook. Playbook had top billing in the shot for almost 10 seconds. The branding information is missing, but it's obviously a Playbook.
    -Brita seduces a security guard using her BB and facebook. BB phone had half the screen, Brita had the other.

    The Simpsons
    -The twins both have Blackberries.

    Seems that the CMO has started to get the ball rolling. I like the fact that they were showing the playbook being used in an industrial setting (security monitoring in the air conditioning repair school), not just as a toy.
    05-22-12 12:24 PM
  2. RJB55's Avatar
    I noticed a BB phone being used by the character Danny Regan on Blue Bloods in an episode a couple of weeks ago. The BB was on camera for maybe 15 seconds or so and the front of the phone could be clearly seen. Interestingly a little later in the show he gets a cell call and whips a phone out of his jacket and it doesn't have the profile of a BB but I didn't see it well enough to identify it.
    05-22-12 12:33 PM
  3. DavidsonLee's Avatar
    The Community has been using BlackBerries for a very long time now. From season one, I noticed the Curve 83xx series being used and also the Bold 9000 series being used. I agree that BlackBerry is being endorsed(?) by the show and well it's a nice thing to see that RIM is into popular culture and TV shows.
    05-22-12 12:36 PM
  4. chm985's Avatar
    They just need Tony Stark to use them in upcoming Ironman and Avengers movies and bb will be set. Haha
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    05-22-12 01:28 PM