1. ophamtastic's Avatar
    well i dont know if everybody else has this problem, but my tour and my gf's curve does this. for instance, lets say i call her phone and it starts ringing, she pushes the side left button to turn the ringtone off, but after a couple of seconds, the ringtone starts up again. same with my phone. i dont want to ignore the call, i just want to push the button once and keep the ringtone off. im not sure if there are certain settings i need to change or whatever.
    help is needed.
    11-05-09 10:06 PM
  2. RickyRoss10's Avatar
    I had that problem on my 9530 and still on my 9550. I'd love to know if there's a fix for this.

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    11-05-09 10:43 PM
  3. mypie's Avatar
    i have the same problem on my 8330...
    11-05-09 11:26 PM
  4. anon(2088)'s Avatar
    Have you tried pushing the red button?

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    11-06-09 12:08 AM
  5. ophamtastic's Avatar
    like i said, i dont want to ignore their call(thats what the red(end) button does). i just want it to stay silent after one push of a button instead of staying silent for 3 seconds then ringing again.
    11-06-09 01:08 AM
  6. Phil325's Avatar
    wow i have this problem too. kept ringing after i silented it
    11-07-09 07:09 PM
  7. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Press the MUTE button.
    11-07-09 07:44 PM