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    Since that thread was closed, I had to post this here. I want to be sure less technical users are not confused by the erroneous info in that post.

    I want to point out two things. First, for those phones implementing the soft-reset via Shift-Alt-Del, pushing it a second time is NOT a "hard-reset" as the uninformed poster stated. It merely performs a soft-reset again, just as pushing reset on your desktop PC again just begins the reset again. In fact, all this typically does in ground the voltage on one of the CPUs pins (the reset pin).

    Second, it is a fact that if you interrupt said soft-reset (or any reset for that matter) often the OS will fail to boot with the App Error 200. This is NOT a sign of anything wrong with your phone. You will, however, find that to reset you will now have to do a battery pull to power down and clear memory to allow your device to boot without error.

    FYI, the term "hard-reset" is actually mis-used in this context too. The term really means a forced reset to factory defaults. In fact, what you are doing is a "power-off", which requires a battery pull only when your power switch (if so equiped) is not working as the phone has locked up.

    Finally, remember that RIM states clearly that when you update the device software, a re-boot can take up to 10 minutes! Typically, you should boot in under 4 minutes unless you updated your OS. I have personally seen it take as long as 8 minutes when I updated my OS.

    Hope these facts were helpful to others who may unfortunately believe what they read in the previious post.

    04-26-08 08:10 AM
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    04-26-08 08:33 AM
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    We all know its clearly stated there, he was putting it out there because the n00b tried to crusify him over it in the other thread because he/she didn't know what was happening to their bb and blamed it all on good old pat here lol

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    04-26-08 01:53 PM
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    I thought:

    HARD reset = HARDware reset. Physically resetting the unit through hardware like the battery (battery pull).

    SOFT reset = SOFTware reset. Resetting the unit through means of software like SoftReset.

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    04-26-08 02:15 PM
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    There is no such thing as a hard reset in RIM terminology. Users call it that (the battery pull) but it is simply a "reset".
    04-26-08 02:42 PM
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    I was the original poster. I would like to take this opportunity to re explain. On my Curve 8310 I know that ALT + RIGHT SHIFT + DEL causes a soft reset. My observation of what happens visually during this soft reset is the screen blacks out and the red led illuminates. Then after just a few seconds, the screen comes back on all white briefly and then my home screen appears and the device searches for network. Basically the same as powering off with the END key and then powering back on. Read on. This is where the confusion came in on my first post. I didnt mean to insinuate that i interrupt the soft reset process, which i know can cause errors. I let the soft reset process complete. THEN I use the same key sequence and do it a second time. This time, however, the screen blacks out, the red led illuminates, and then the screen comes on all white. Then the hour glass does its thing. The phone goes through the same reboot procedure that happens when i do a battery pull. It takes a couple of minutes to complete. Once the home screen appears, it does the "verifying security software" thing. Now maybe this is something new built into the OS I am running,
    ( but all I know is what i am seeing. Once is soft, and twice (AFTER the first one finishes) is visually the same as a battery pull.
    04-27-08 07:08 PM
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    All good points guys.

    Thanks for re-clarifying feet, because I apparently didn't understand what you were saying the first time.

    04-27-08 07:17 PM
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    feet: thanks for that one. I always hated taking my device out of the hard case to do a battery pull
    04-27-08 07:56 PM
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    Well that makes more sense now

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    04-27-08 11:12 PM