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    hi guys,
    I'm having problem importing CSV contact to my bold.
    things I did earlier:
    1. export contact from my e71 to csv file
    2. open DM, setup ASCII to do 1 way sync from asCII importer to device
    3. I left option in default

    here's the error message:
    On 2009/10/18 12:10 ??
    One-way sync from ASCII Importer/Exporter Address Book to Device Address Book
    First System:             Device
    Second System:            ASCII Importer/Exporter
    Second System File Name:  D:\E71\e71_091017.csv
    Conflict Resolution:      Add
    Input From First System:
       READ "<Unspecified>"
       READ "<Unspecified>"
       READ "Coyle"
       READ "Lin"
       READ "Zhang"
       READ "<Unspecified>"
       READ "<Unspecified>"
       READ "Chen"
       READ "<Unspecified>"
       READ "<Unspecified>"
    Total Inputs From First System:  34
    Total Inputs From Second System:  0
    Field mapping used for translation:
       ASCII Importer/Exporter           Device
       First Name ---------------------- First Name
       Middle Name --------------------- Middle Name
       Last Name ----------------------- Last Name
       Title --------------------------- Title
       Company Name -------------------- Company Name
       Work Phone ---------------------- Work Phone
       Work Phone 2 -------------------- Work Phone 2
       Home Phone ---------------------- Home Phone
       Home Phone 2 -------------------- Home Phone 2
       Other Phone --------------------- Other Phone
       Fax ----------------------------- Fax
       Mobile Phone -------------------- Mobile Phone
       PIN ----------------------------- PIN
       Pager --------------------------- Pager
       Internet Address1 --------------- Internet Address1
       Internet Address2 --------------- Internet Address2
       Internet Address3 --------------- Internet Address3
       Address1 ------------------------ Address1
       Address2 ------------------------ Address2
       Address3 ------------------------ Address3
       City ---------------------------- City
       State/Prov ---------------------- State/Prov
       Zip/Postal Code ----------------- Zip/Postal Code
       Country ------------------------- Country
       Home Address1 ------------------- Home Address1
       Home Address2 ------------------- Home Address2
       Home Address3 ------------------- Home Address3
       Home City ----------------------- Home City
       Home State/Prov ----------------- Home State/Prov
       Home Zip/Postal Code ------------ Home Zip/Postal Code
       Home Country -------------------- Home Country
       Notes --------------------------- Notes
       Interactive Handheld ------------ Interactive Handheld
       1-way Pager --------------------- 1-way Pager
       User Defined 1 ------------------ User Defined 1
       User Defined 2 ------------------ User Defined 2
       User Defined 3 ------------------ User Defined 3
       User Defined 4 ------------------ User Defined 4
       Salutation ---------------------- Salutation
       Web Address --------------------- Web Address
       Direct Connect ------------------ Direct Connect
       Categories ---------------------- Categories
       Birthday ------------------------ Birthday
       Anniversary --------------------- Anniversary
    Unable to initialize application API.
    Verify that correct application version is installed.
    Translation Canceled!
    can someone tell me what did I do wrong?

    10-17-09 12:22 PM