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    Forum Newbie here.

    I have three managers that need to send the same into to me every day. I'm trying to make it simple for them (and me) by providing some type of form that they can just fill in the blanks. I figured that an email would be the best/quickest/easiest way, but that may not be possible. Is there any way to do this? See below for the info/format I'm looking at. BTW - we all have the newer Bold.

    Daily Hours
    Regular - ???
    OT - ???

    Call Offs

    The bolded text is what I'd like to have embeded. The question marks are what my mangeers should be filling in (there may be more or less than three lines under "Call Offs".

    I was hoping i could just provide them with something simple (they are not the most proficient BB users), like a saved email or something, that they could just click in the ??? fields and enter the data.

    Any and all help is appreciated, and i apologize if I didn't search the existing threads deep enough.
    02-05-13 10:41 AM

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