1. hogan3084's Avatar
    I am having a problem with my text messages all of a sudden being deleted. I can send them but I can't see them. If I take my battery out - it will fix the problem - but I'd rather not have to do that everytime. Also...I used to have a text message icon and it too has gone away.
    02-15-09 05:17 PM
  2. Tremortality's Avatar
    hit options>status and reply here what your file free memory is.

    Sounds like low memory since the battery pull fixes the issue. If you are a heavy texter this will happen if you dont delete them. There are other things you can do to free up memory as well but for now lets start with your file free level..
    02-15-09 05:36 PM
  3. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    Do you have Facebook running??

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    02-15-09 06:16 PM
  4. songbird's Avatar
    tremortality- love your signature!
    02-15-09 06:17 PM