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    I used to have the Sprint Upstage and I just purchased the Curve 8330 and I can't figure out how to get my 126 songs on my 512mb SD CARD to show up on the Curve Music Media. Some songs show up when I put the SD Card into the Curve, but I'm not sure what happenned to the rest of the songs. When I put the SD Card back into the Upstage they are all still accounted for.
    HELP!! I need my music transferred. Spent all day with this thing.
    07-29-08 07:02 PM
  2. miss_michelle's Avatar
    Are the ones that aren't showing in a different format than the ones that are showing (ie .mp3 and .wmv)?
    07-29-08 07:03 PM
  3. fullofsmiles's Avatar
    I'm very confused. Can't tell what format. I think it's formated to Windows media, because when I click on it, it auto plays through Windoews Media Player. If that's what you mean.
    07-29-08 07:10 PM
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    Also, the Blackberry has a different format likely for the SD card so just because the songs are there does not mean your Curve will see them. You should plug your Curve into your computer and take a look at the card and see if everything is there. If it is, think about copying all the contents to your harddrive, formatting the card, then transfering everything back using media manager (or just drag and drop to the /media/blackberry/music folder). By the way, welcome to Crackberry and the adiction!

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    07-29-08 07:11 PM
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    With the Upstage is a cd for SPrint Music Manager. Apparently the two won't work together wherein I can transfer music from the Sprint Music Manager to the BB Desk Top Manager Music Media. I would prefer to use the 1GB card that came with the BB, than use the 512mb I have for the Upstage.

    Is there a way to transfer through the computer than to put the 512 SD into the BB?
    07-29-08 07:14 PM
  6. fullofsmiles's Avatar
    I did connect it and looked at it through the split screen. I'm pretty sure it's all there. I have the songs saved to the folder that says Sprint Downloads. I did format the 1GB card and tried to transfer everything back. I didn't do something right because I can't see it on my phone when i look in All Songs.
    07-29-08 07:19 PM
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    First - put either card in the BB (I'd use the 1gig), then go to Options, Media Card, hit the Menu button, select Format Card. Then you can either put the card in your PC card slot or card reader. Transfer the songs to the card, then you can put it in the BB.

    Or - use this method -


    You may need to convert the Windows Media files to MP3 first.
    07-29-08 07:20 PM
  8. fullofsmiles's Avatar
    I was wondering how do I convert the files to MP3 first. I think that may work better.
    07-29-08 07:48 PM
  9. chaz_cb's Avatar
    07-29-08 08:03 PM