1. jkrc717's Avatar
    I have to admit, I really like live tiles that WP's offer. Not just with apps, but messages and everything else. Especially from what I've seen in the upcoming WP8.

    BB10 looks like it uses tiles, but I wonder if it's going to be live tiles or the coolness of WP.

    I hope better.
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    08-16-12 12:49 PM
  2. mikeo007's Avatar
    Live tiles is an amazing concept. Makes it so much easier to gather information at a glance without the complexity of widgets.

    I would be surprised if BB10 didn't employ a similar concept for their icons. We've already seen that screen mockup with the 4 large icons with contextual information, so I think they're on the right track.
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    08-16-12 01:06 PM