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    I'm eligible for an upgrade in July, and am still torn between which new BB 10 device to get. I'll give you some background on me, and I'll ask you all to help me make a decision.

    I've had Blackberry devices since 2007. I had the 7100i, Curve 8350i, Tour, Bold 9650, and am now using the Bold 9930. I was with Nextel, but am now with Verizon. I am very familiar and comfortable with the physical keyboard and love it, but I am also familiar with the touchscreen keyboard - my girlfriend has a touchscreen phone and I get a chance to work with it quite a bit, so I don't believe that I would have much of a problem making that transition.

    I do have a few comments: I'm not a fan of the camera on the 9900, and although I don't take many pictures with my phone, I do like to have quality pictures when I do take them. I can't zoom in as much as I'd like to on the camera either, so I will consider which one has the better camera and that will be a factor in my decision to buy either.

    I'm also a "scroller" on my phone and will miss the trackpad that I use to scroll through my contacts, emails, texts, etc., so another factor will be the ability to scroll with ease. I do scroll with the touchscreen on my 9900 occasionally, but not often. I am left-handed as well, so if there's any more LH-friendly ways for either phone, that's also a decision in which to purchase.

    I also have to have a case/clip. I keep it on my belt and would like to continue to do that comfortably.

    Last one: I am a businessman and am looking at a lot of emails, texts, webpages, and the like throughout the day. My eyesight is fine (I wear contacts), but the text I have to look at on some of the things on my 9930 is rather small, and I know that I can zoom in on the 9930 and see it better and I do that sometimes, but the problem is that all the text won't fit on the screen and I'll have to keep my finger on it and move it left to right so I can continue reading. While I have become accustomed to that, it's still a hassle when I have to read it quickly, so I am looking forward to the larger screen on both models.

    With all that said, I'll conclude: I am looking for the phone that can give me the most balance. My business phone is my personal phone as well, so I'll be considering balance as a main factor in my purchase decision. Battery life is always important as well. I hate the battery on my Bold, so I'd love a phone that will stay charged greater than 40% if I'm on it doing something frequently during an 8 hour work day. That's all the information about me, so tell me what you think: which BB10 phone should I get?
    06-25-13 02:18 AM
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    Based on your stated needs and your seeming intent on a BB10 phone - Q10. However, I think you should go out and explore what's really going to suit your needs. Asking here is just going to result in a bunch of people telling you what phone they like and pushing their own opinions on you when at the end of the day, it's your money, your device and based on what you need and no one but you really knows what you need, even with your introduction text highlighting it.

    This will just end up in a ton of varied answers and ultimately, no real conclusion because of the varied responses you'll have to filter through. Remember, most places offer a buyer's remorse period -- test drive em all if you have too, lol. There's only 2 to choose from right now, excluding the Q5 which isn't exactly available everywhere anyway.

    I'll step aside now so everyone can tell you what's so great about their device and why you should choose it.
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    06-25-13 02:21 AM
  3. robtanz's Avatar
    I would go with the blackberry style...because if you ain't got style, you ain't got nuthin.

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    06-25-13 04:49 AM
  4. Caymancroc's Avatar
    Q10. Read my Q10 review for more details.

    Great battery, easy scrolling, awesome keyboard.

    Just don't get this phone if you rely heavily on it for maps. Apple and Google still reign supreme there.
    06-25-13 07:13 AM

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