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    I have a 9000 on att and it works WAY better than any bb I've used. Yet still its a little slow when running more than one app. I've noticed it will almost always freeze if I click a link or something that uses the data network at the same time pandora is switching songs. The easy way around it is just don't click anything right when a song is ending but is this normal? Or do I need to do some mem cleaning or something?

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    08-23-09 10:37 PM
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    That is all the data connection, nothing you can really do with the phone to improve that. You'd basically experience the same thing on a home computer if you streamed music and surfed the net at the same time. Granted a home computer may be able to process that data a bit faster and not get quite so bogged, but there still would be a change in performance.
    08-24-09 12:04 AM
  3. Radius's Avatar
    This would come down to a badly implemented threading model in the application. If the data thread and the user thread are one and the same, you get the effect you mentioned.

    A request for data causes the application to pause while it does its thing, and since the user interface cannot be processed while the communications is blocking everything just seems to freeze.

    On a Windows application the sane thing to do is split the data thread from the UI thread, but maybe that is not so easy in BlackBerry Java applications. I don't know as I have never tried Java.

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    08-24-09 02:05 AM
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    I don't really understand that last post but thanks guys. I'm just glad to hear I didn't get a crapberry! =D Lovin my BOLD.

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    08-24-09 04:17 AM