05-08-16 10:11 PM
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    I've been a BB user for as long as I remember. But being a VZW user with unlimited data had me with very few options. Well, only one recent option...the Priv. I decided to go to the Samsung S7 Edge and I'm very happy so far. There's pro's and con's to every device. The S7 doesn't have the Hub and the battery life isn't as good as my old Z30. Also doesn't have any wired video output like the Blackberrys do. But it shines at everything else. Camera is phenomenal and water proof. I even use it in the showers to watch my Mets games. I have mobile hotspot so I've been looking for good deals on a Passport just so I can use the Hub for my 5 business email accounts.
    Maybe you are not aware about that you can install all BlackBerry apps including Hub on your Samsung S7. Check out my thread here on Crackberry about installing BlackBerry apps on any Android device.
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    05-07-16 11:20 AM
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    The 70's called and left a message: "Landline phones allow you to talk and conduct business." "The Yellow Pages used to be the search engine of choice." "No gimmicks!" "No i-anything!" "Can't get any more 'old school' than that."

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    Clever...LOL- well done.
    BTW I'm keeping my landline when all else fails. It still works

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    05-07-16 11:38 AM
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    Maybe you are not aware about that you can install all BlackBerry apps including Hub on your Samsung S7. Check out my thread here on Crackberry about installing BlackBerry apps on any Android device.

    Thank You Colbalt. I'm interested.
    I just purchased a Priv (Verizon and Factory Unlocked from ebay) and have a Samsung Tablet too
    Typing this with my beloved Classic

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    05-07-16 11:41 AM
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    @xeak Interesting good points about Iphone. No email that's crazy. Meaning why have people NOT set it up. It can't be that hard. Then what is the point of the buying the I phone seriously. Well now that explains why some people carry two phones.
    I rather have one .
    Go with the Classic if you want something that fits in your back pocket.
    Passport is wider is also an excellent device. Priv will be the future purchase unless you need certain apps.
    I just bought Verizon and Factory Unlocked from ebay from a fellow buying devices gives them a short test drive and sells them.
    Typing this on my beloved Classic

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    05-07-16 11:51 AM
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    I am really going crazy. I need a new phone (still using BB BOLD). I have done so much research and still not happy with the BB choices available. I have used BB for 20 years with old job. I will never buy an i....anything. I just need a phone to talk, conduct light business work and good search engines. No games. Should I wait a little longer to see what BB will offer? I bought my son a windows phone and I don't like that either. I am old school. I have been in IT/IS since 1985. I don't want gimics. I just want technology that makes sense. Can someone help me decide?
    Yeah, Wait longer for BB to come out with a good phone. I mean it's only been 9 years since the last really good phone. You could get an Android phone. They're great phones. Well documented issues with lag and bloatware. Get one of those. Dont get an Apple. They suck! I mean they only have 20 something % of the market with 4-5 models. Unlike Android that has 80% of the market with 356 variations of phones. If you need only basic functions you could go with the can and string method of communication. Maybe smoke signals would work as well. I hear that the Indians used drumbeats. Hey, Drumbeats for conversations and smoke signals for text. Sh!t, I'm calling BB. I have their next new big idea.
    05-07-16 02:03 PM
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    I am on the go all day, so I need a phone where I can quickly multitask between email, phone and calendar, notes, while working. i was surprised to find that the iPhone did not deliver this capability. Forget multitasking, serious email and calendar has yet to arrive on the iPhone.
    Perhaps you should have learned how to use it first. I will agree that iOS mail focused too much on pictures and video but that has pretty much been fixed. I must have a special version of an iPhone 6 because I can do all those things with no problem. While I thought BB10 was a great OS you just cant stay with something the developer has given up on. If they don't believe in it, I sure as hell wont.
    05-07-16 02:10 PM
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    I would recommend the Classic
    05-07-16 03:38 PM
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    Classic as you might miss the trackpad on a Q10

    I've both but never had a 9900

    Let us know what you decided!

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    05-07-16 03:49 PM
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    Interesting good points about Iphone. No email that's crazy.
    You are so misinformed
    05-07-16 04:36 PM
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    Based on what you have used in the past, I also think the Classic would be a good option.
    I was going to say the same thing
    05-07-16 05:03 PM
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    You are so misinformed
    I know I Phone does email and a lot of other things. I'm was just commenting on why some haven't set it up.

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    05-07-16 09:35 PM
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    Buy a Classic and be done. You will love it coming from a Bold. It was made for the likes of us. Try one and you'll dig it.

    The newest member....Cobalt Classic
    "Your Power.... upgraded!" ;-D

    (edit: added link)

      There's a Crack in the Berry right now...  
    05-08-16 10:11 PM
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